Hames Sharley is excited to announce the promotion of several dedicated individuals across the practice’s six studios nationally.

South Australian Studio Leader, Leon Gouws has been appointed as a Director of Hames Sharley. Leon brings with him more than 15 years of experience and is passionate about the challenges and knowledge in which the industry brings. “With how architecture is continuously changing, we will never stop learning. We can achieve things tomorrow that was not possible yesterday,” he says.

Stepping into this new role, Leon is committed to encouraging his team’s suggestions, offering innovative ideas, and acting on these thoughts. He promotes a culture of active participation and plans to build on that moving forward.

Leon says teamwork is critical to the success of a practice. He believes in nurturing and caring for the team to ensure cohesiveness and that support is what makes a practice thrive.

Although it was, in fact, an accident that led Leon to his new role with Hames Sharley (inadvertently walking into the studio and meeting with the Adelaide Studio Leader two hours before his flight back to South Africa), we are so glad he did. “The universe is a beautiful thing.”

In addition to Leon’s promotion, congratulations to the following individuals who have been made Associates; Peter Lovitt, Jeevan Krishnan, Naden Scarfone, Prasad Nimma, Yaara Plaves, Elyse Watts and David Challinor. Previous Senior Associate, Shannon O’Shea has also been appointed Associate Director.

The number of promotions for 2020 reflect each individual’s dedication toward designing Australia’s best places and their commitment to the values of Hames Sharley. It also recognises what they have achieved to date and our confidence in their significant contribution to the future.

We will celebrate these new appointments with great pride.

Leon Gouws, Director, Hames Sharley
Leon Gouws, Director
Shannon O’Shea, Associate Director, Hames Sharley
Shannon O’Shea, Associate Director
David Challinor, Associate, Hames Sharley
David Challinor, Associate
Elyse Watts, Associate, Hames Sharley
Elyse Watts, Associate
Yaara Plaves, Associate, Hames Sharley
Yaara Plaves, Associate
Prasad Nimma, Associate, Hames Sharley
Prasad Nimma, Associate
Peter Lovitt, Associate, Hames Sharley
Peter Lovitt, Associate