An academic and industry collaboration strategy offered by Curtin’s School of Design and the Built Environment (DBE) is committed to progressing students’ skills and knowledge in the field of architecture. The program, called NEXUS//1.5 delivers excellence in teaching scholarship and innovative research through impactful industry partnerships.

Khoa Do, Associate Professor of Architecture at Curtin University says the project-based engagement framework of NEXUS//1.5 which he had designed and is currently directing, will support real-world industry experience. “This covers applied-delivery, an outcome-driven approach, and spans the domains of – teaching, traditional and
non-traditional research, that supports industry-facing engagements,” he says.

Projects have been co-developed in collaboration with industry partners with an aim to explore and generate new ways of considering real-world problems. By developing alternative approaches to test and prototype with the aim of advancement in practical design knowledge – through teaching, research, and industry experience.

“Among various things, we are seeking to support employment, build a winning culture, good design leadership and affirm the importance of learning beyond the classroom,” says Khoa.

The program was inspired given the lack of “middle-ground” present for students who wish to gain more industry experience and is an opportunity for students to develop industry confidence and preparedness through a “pre-industry” program.

The challenge and projects presented for universities and industries are economically driven, and collaborative programs and projects must deliver a win-win partnership. “This is where a mutually beneficial common ground is created with the view to a sustainable and long-term exchange,” Khoa explains.

NEXUS//1.5 acts as a catalyst that generates and seeks opportunities that offer a common ground for mutual benefit, through co-delivering project-based partnerships. “Architecture graduates are under immense pressure and facing tremendous competition to gain the next stage of their education, and this concern is trending on an unsustainable scale.” In response to this issue, Khoa says NEXUS//1.5 provides the intersection, acting as the next space which offers agency for win-win partnerships and transferable innovations.

In 2020, NEXUS//1.5 will be collaborating with Rottnest Island Authority (RIA), Busselton Jetty and over six industry partners from the field of architecture and construction, which includes Hames Sharley. Project-based partnerships will include Treasuring Rottnest, Global Mobility (Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan), and Immersive Busselton.

Hames Sharley is proud to be collaborating with Khoa and Curtin’s School of Design and the Built Environment on this pioneering project. The significant value in which Hames Sharley identifies in Nexus//1.5 is the shared commitment to interconnect people, place, and experience.

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