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The Viridian China Green Apartments were officially launched to the public on the 2nd and 3rd November 2013. The apartments, designed by Hames Sharley, are located directly adjacent to Subiaco Common on the old Australian Fine China site.

Hames Sharley designed the Viridian apartments with the concept of ‘letting the buildings breathe’. The individual spaces, each with a unique character, are connected by a route that provides access to light, greenery and the street. This route is stitched together with remnant artefacts of the Australian Fine China Workshops allowing for the establishment of a heritage narrative signposted with informative panels, objects, and text integrated onto building and pavement surfaces.

Viridian is the first of 2 sites to be released and comprises of two five-storey buildings, with a central community spine and gymnasium and roof garden covering expansive views across the China Green Precinct and beyond. The combination of heritage, architectural design and key sustainability outcomes makes it a unique building to the area. By acknowledging and reflecting the past via a sympathetic palette of materials, colours, finishes and artefacts we have cohesion with the contemporary language of its neighbours. China Green aims to celebrate the heritage items by letting them stand alone and be admired and respected, given space to breathe. It is the role of the new buildings to sit with them, provide a juxtaposition to celebrate their difference whilst delivering the demands and expectations of modern day living.

Each apartment is designed with a large balcony, this allows for access to greenery and beautiful views of the Subi Centro area. The communal rooftop terrace, complete with a fully equipped rooftop gym with outdoor exercise area, a Teppanyaki bar and BBQ area, makes for a great place to relax and socialise with friends and residents while overlooking Subiaco Common.