It’s no secret that this year has been like no other. From bushfires raging across Australia, followed by a global pandemic, the year 2020 has brought immense uncertainty.

But, despite the year, we need to pause and reflect on the lessons our team has learnt and how we have grown, in strength, versatility and ability.

The year commenced with some exciting news, as Hames Sharley, was recognised as one of the world’s largest architectural practices in the World Architecture 100.

Shortly after the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic and we made the abrupt shift to work from home. Thanks to a working ethos that fosters technology, we did what we do best and adapted, fast. As such, our business, communication and our understanding of one another evolved, and we became better for it, setting a new blueprint for the long term.

We started a journey towards a more reconciled Australia, with reconciliation in the hearts, minds and actions of every Hames Sharley employee. And with 40 years behind us, we continued to grow and work towards a more diverse, inclusive and equal working environment. It was from these new developments, initiatives and policies (including the Parental Leave Package we launched in October), in which we powered towards empowering our future generations.

With 14 promotions across the National practice, 4 Graduates becoming Registered Architects and 17 employees reaching major service milestones (including a 20-year one!) our team continued to empower one another and emerge stronger. Most importantly, we came together as a practice and rapidly adapted to the year – collectively working over 600 days away from the studio.

So yes, we know it’s been quite the year, but it was the year of change and transformation, and we are so proud of that. Hames Sharley will continue to reinvest in itself so that we continue to grow with the communities we help build.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Fishermans Bend, Victoria, Retail Architecture
Fishermans Bend, Victoria
Katherine Sportsgrounds, Northern Territory, Sports & Recreation Design
Katherine Sportsgrounds, Northern Territory
Riverway Plaza, Queensland, Retail Architecture
Riverway Plaza, Queensland