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The Kaurna land that harbours Adelaide, South Australia holds a city of many innovations. Adelaide’s story so far paints a picture of order, safety and as the pioneering of important global ‘firsts.‘A city of practical ambition with an excellent sense of social responsibility. Adelaide balances its innovative endeavours with governance parameters that are predominantly focused on social mores, perhaps to the point of over-concern. And while Adelaide puts itself under enormous pressure to perform, it is a pursuit for prestige, honour and material success, often rooted in a collective sense of achievements.

But within these spheres is a city alive with an idyllic lifestyle, excellent safety, opportunities for education, gender equality, social security, thriving arts and cultural scene (at the time of this writing, COVID-restrictions only slightly inhibit this industry’s expression) a beautiful and functional built and natural environment, an increasing
consciousness of the importance of its indigenous origins and its symbiotic relationship with its natural environment. There is evidence of expatriates wishing to return to Adelaide, who represent a cohort possessing the insight of Adelaide’s value in a comparison of international lifestyles. Adelaide is a peaceful, cohesive and productive community that is doing extremely WELL.

Hames Sharley participated in the round table talk that led to the below white paper from WellCity Adelaide.
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