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With thousands of South Australians directly impacted by the rental crisis, building high quality, well designed and placed properties supported by Government grants incentivising the economy is crucial.

Together with Junction Australia (Junction and Women’s Housing Ltd), it is our privilege to create more opportunities for people to get into homeownership or safe and appropriate housing so they can thrive.

Commissioned by Junction, Hames Sharley are proudly designing Camden Park Community and Affordable Housing - a mixed, medium-density development, eight kilometres from the Adelaide CBD.

The site is a medium-density residential development with a mixture of community housing and affordable living options. It is an important gateway location that connects to the city with direct access to safe cycle routes and walking distance to the bus or tram.

“By building mixed communities, incorporating high-quality building designs and innovative urban planning, neighbourhoods are revitalised, lives of residents are improved and healthy and vibrant places for people to live are created,” says Project Director and South Australian Studio Leader, Leon Gouws.

Floor plan of affordable housing development

The development consists of twelve community-titled townhouses of north-facing orientation overlooking the linear trail and serviced by a shared laneway. A further three east-facing, Torrens-titled townhouses facing a local street frontage and two multi-storey apartment buildings (one for private sale and one for community housing) complete the development. Both apartment buildings feature on-grade parking and naturally lit, ventilated corridors. A public access linkage allows pedestrians to traverse the site from North to South and allow access to the linear trail at the rear boundary of the development.

“We consider innovation across all elements of the project including housing types, product mix, construction methods and materials and design approach a successful outcome of this project,” says Leon.

“Hames Sharley will create a smart, vibrant, liveable and connected precinct based on a master plan that successfully interfaces with neighbouring land uses and existing communities. As humans, our connection to place is about housing and being part of a community. Every single one of us deserves both.”