Yaara Plaves, Nigel Harris and Matthew Seddon of the National Sustainability Forum (NSF) were thrilled to participate in the annual National Sustainability Conference earlier this week. The conference explored how Australian enterprises can lead the way in creating prosperous economies, healthy ecosystems and strong communities.

The annual conference attracts professionals passionate about sustainability, a space to share research, projects and industry developments in all facets, from energy and economy through to environment.

Originally set to take place in Brisbane, the conference (run by the Association for Sustainability in Business), was held via Zoom, due to COVID19 restrictions. “This had no effect on the excellent presentations or participant engagement. Hats off to the organisers and presenters,” said Yaara.

Hearing about the latest trends, research and innovation in the field, keys topics that appealed to the team spanned from how broadly accepted circular economy has become, to discovering new startups that support sustainable development.

The NSF representatives also enjoyed the prevalence of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an enabler to more sustainable organisations, not just sustainable development. “There was also STARfish, EnergyLab, YIMBY, sustainability and risk management, future proofing, biodiversity positive development, and lots more which we explored,” says Yaara.

The NSF look forward to sharing the knowledge of the Association for Sustainability in Business with the broader Hames Sharley team, partners and clients.