The design of a future kiosk for the Koolangka Koolangka Playground is with the Hames Sharley team this month. The City of Perth has commissioned a design competition to foster creativity and collaboration amongst our creative designers, with a design concept to strongly reference the overarching theme of the Australian Landscape and traditional landowners the Whadjuk people.

The project brief calls for a small permanent trading kiosk and amenity building amongst the $18.7 million Wellington Square revitalisation in East Perth, due for completion at the end of the year.

The overarching theme of the masterplan design is a playful landscape reflecting the beauty of Western Australia in an immersive nonprescriptive environment for play, recreation, social connection and fun for all ages. The masterplan design also incorporates several features to improve the safety and utilisation of this prominent open space in the Perth city landscape.

The Whadjuk representatives developed the name Koolangka Koolangka for the project, which means Children’s Children, Calling Out, and reinforces the importance of Wellington Square as a historical play space.

Designs will draw inspiration from Western Australian landscapes as well as its indigenous background. This will ensure the historical place will continue to have a strong social, spiritual, and cultural significance for the Noongar people.

While it is envisaged that the kiosk will operate during business hours and weekends, how the kiosk looks at night is a key consideration. Other requirements for the design must include a kiosk, suitable back of house areas, 1 x UAT and 2 x unisex toilets with external access, and a secure, vandal-proof structural facade with a ‘fold away’ design.

The Hames Sharley team can work individually or together to produce a concept design for the new project. The winning design will be announced by The City of Perth on the 7th of April and will receive a $500 prize, plus a position on the project team. Two, $100 commendations will also be awarded to the other shortlisted designs.

We are looking forward to the free-thinking and inspiring designs which will come from this competition that will reflect the historical context of Wellington Square and creatively meet the project brief. Best of luck to the team!