We are thrilled to announce Hollie Raymond-Baker as a new Principal within the Interior Design team for the WA studio.

Joining the workplace portfolio, Hollie says she is thrilled to align herself with a practice which demonstrates considered, sympathetic design outcomes across a range of multidisciplinary portfolios. “The longevity and backbone of this company provide a significant foundation, and the opportunities for collaboration to me are quite exciting,” says Hollie.

With over ten years of experience, Hollie brings an attitude that fosters collaboration and creativity to our workplace portfolio. “The way in which we share, and test ideas is critical to the success of a project, and it begins with a sense of openness and a desire to share knowledge to achieve a common goal,” says the designer.

Hollie is hugely passionate about the interior design process and believes good design is not about creating an aesthetic, but a response to the function, context, and individual site. She considers each project to have a unique set of parameters which require a unique set of solutions, and the strength of the design outcomes reflect how well the process has been explored and executed. She will play a significant role in building strong narratives, unique identities, and timeless and lasting designs for the workplace portfolio.

Hollie aims to actively involve and challenge the broader design community on issues such as authenticity, sustainability, and ways to create a more progressive workplace. “I’m pleased to have a seat at the table and the opportunity to help shape and influence this growing practice.”

Hames Sharley welcomes Hollie’s sense of curiosity, appreciation of cultural diversity, passion for collaboration and dedication to creating sustainable design solutions.

Hollie Raymond-Baker
Hollie Raymond-Baker