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Recent changes to the Western Australian Planning Framework and the introduction of State Planning Policy 7.2 – Precinct Design and Guidelines sees a focus on the planning and design of vibrant activity centres, station precincts, urban corridors and higher-density mixed-use areas. The policy requires a tailored, performance-based approach to precinct design, supported by design review and a high level of community participation.

This course follows on from the previous Planning for Precincts session held in June earlier this year, which considered the ‘preparation stage’ of precinct planning (concentrating on the early stages of vision setting, site and context analysis, and engagement).

This follow-up session will focus on design for a precinct, and provide participants with practical real-world examples of the interplay between SPP 7.2’s precinct design elements. Workshop activities will bring participants together to demonstrate the connections between climate, the green network, proposed land uses, the desired built form and how these may influence the structural elements of a site.

You will learn how planning and architecture work together to distil density targets into practical street and block layouts that encourage successful open spaces and building types.

Suitable for

Planning professionals and allied professions, including local government planners, consultant planners, councillors and design professionals, would benefit most from this course.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore practical and effective ways for approaching a precinct design exercise using real-world precinct examples.
  • Understand the interrelationships between the six precinct design elements and how they influence the design process.
  • Collaborate with other practitioners to learn ways to consider urban structure that underpins practical development outcomes to align with a precinct vision.
  • Understand what is most important to consider when preparing a brief for precinct planning services.
  • Gain a greater understanding of what are the right planning instruments to achieve the desired planning outcome.

Course presenters

Daniel Bromley – Design WA, DPLH

Nic Temov – Hames Sharley

Shannon O’Shea – Hames Sharley

Niall Browne – Hames Sharley

Event Details

Date: Thursday 18 November 2021

Time: 9 – 1pm

Venue: Hames Sharley Studio, Level 3, 712 Hay Street Mall, Perth

Cost: Member: $225

Non-Member: $315

Group Bookings - Book two places and get one free.
Contact [email protected] for more details.

Nic Temov – Hames Sharley
Nic Temov – Hames Sharley
Shannon O’Shea – Hames Sharley
Shannon O’Shea – Hames Sharley
Niall Browne – Hames Sharley
Niall Browne – Hames Sharley