While there’s no denying that having a conversation with someone who spouts jargon at you can be irritating and frustrating (see our related story here), you can still make the best of it if you don’t take it seriously.

If you’re confronted by a serial jargonist (the kind who attends meetings simply because they like the sound of their own voice) it’s time for Bullsh*t Bingo. Simply tick off the phrases as they’re deployed, and amuse yourself for the hours that would otherwise be spent jamming a biro into your thigh to stay awake. Here’s an example for architects, but you can surely whip up one suited to your own line of work in a flash.

Or, for a more proactive giggle, try the Web Economy Bullsh*t Generator. Simply hit a button for a random jolt of jargon and then throw it into the conversation like a hand grenade. Chuckle mightily as the violator of the vernacular attempts to pretend they know what you’re talking about.

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