Sekisui House Australia
Ripley Valley, Queensland
Building a smart community; Vision, aspiration and urban design principles; Context analysis, research and benchmarking; Land use and density; Building typologies and form; Architectural language and ground plane design; Park planning; Street and movement network; Environment and natural resources sustainability; Community facilities; Staging and phasing; Activity centre toolkit analysis
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Ripley Valley is situated in the suburb of Ipswich, Queensland and has been identified as part of the Brisbane metropolitan western growth corridor project. Hames Sharley is currently developing an urban design core and master plan for the area which will cater for a population of approximately 120,000 residents. The urban core will focus on a high density mixed use precinct featuring a town centre, commercial facilities, residential densities up to R150, large format retail, civic and cultural facilities. There is also a focus on a future rail transit component which will form the basis of a Transport Oriented Development Concept.

This unique site in regional Queensland required a whole new approach to site responsive design and generation of a vision. The process involved using the local climate attributes for the design and working closely with the client to develop the town centre. Careful consideration was given to creating a pedestrian environment which encourages the active use of the central town square to create a level of activity and usage even from the very first stages.