Harold Perks, Director / Retail & Town Centres Portfolio Leader, Hames Sharley

Harold is Director with Hames Sharley and has been a part of the practice for over a decade, a registered Architect with over 18 years’ practice experience in mixed-use master planning, commercial, retail, high-end residential design, warehouse and hospitality architecture.

His passion for carefully considered urban fabric regularly sees him working at the complex intersection between Urban Design and Architecture.

Working collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to identify critical project objectives, Harold ensures that all requirements are appropriately discovered and developed in order to create high-calibre design outcomes that not only meet the brief and budget but also responsibly benefit the wider community.

Being skilled at visualising new projects, Harold has a keen eye for design resolution and a valuable ability to work seamlessly between clients, consultants, and builders at any stage throughout projects. Design integrity, finely balanced with functional objectives, is central to all decision making for Harold at all project levels.