16 Mar 2017

The Impact of a Driverless Society on Retail

By Harold Perks

It’s coming at us faster than a speeding Bugatti Veyron – the era of the autonomous car - and when this technology finally arrives the impact to retail will be immense…

16 Mar 2017

Driving sales

By Harold Perks

Imagine this: you walk into your local retail centre, aiming to pick-out an evening gown and shoes, grab a quick chef-prepared meal for lunch, and organise your grocery drop-off to your house. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you spot the plush lounge of a major auto brand…

16 Mar 2017

Attack of the $350 Billion Retailer...

By Pete Kempshall with Dean van Niekerk

It’s coming… a giant of the retail industry, dwarfing its competitors as it strides into view, trampling traditional Australian shopping culture into the dust, and smashing any who stand in its way. But how on earth can you compete with a well-drilled organisation that has indomitable global brand recognition, a reliable reputation and, let’s face it, better prices?

By changing the rules…

09 Dec 2016

When Apple’s chief designer meets a Christmas tree

Stepping away from the Apple workshop for a moment, Jony Ive has created this year’s Christmas tree installation at famed London hotel – Claridge’s.

Jony, Apple’s Chief Design Officer, his colleague, industrial designer Marc Newson, and British set designer Michael Howells, have delivered a faux snow-covered forest to the hotel’s lobby and unornamented trees along its grand staircase.

22 Aug 2016

Time to throw away the measuring tape

An app that allows you to automatically generate a floor plan using on your phone? The RoomScan Pro is back and better than ever.

14 Mar 2016

The transformers have arrived

After eight years in development an Amsterdam-based architecture firm and French manufacturer have come up with a very European design – the Bloomframe®.

20 Jan 2016

Rem Koolhaas to transform the KaDeWe

Berlin’s famous Kaufhaus des Westens department store, commonly known as the KaDeWe, will be undergoing an architectural transformation in 2016, led by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

14 Dec 2015

Retail and the Starchitect

By Tony Quinn

Developers are clamouring to sign up top talent ‘starchitect’ architects to create iconic buildings that will ultimatley increase the value and exclusivity of thier developments.