Thumbnail for the article 'Google to run the waterfront of Toronto' by Chris Maher
19 Jun 2018

Google to run the waterfront of Toronto

By Chris Maher

Sidewalk Labs will help transform Toronto into a smart city, using sensors to monitor a variety of interactions in order to collect data that will create efficiencies for the city.

Thumbnail for the article 'Naming rights (and wrongs)…' by Alex York
14 Jun 2018

Naming rights (and wrongs)…

By Alex York

The Walt Disney Company made Australian headlines this month when it picked up the naming rights for The Etihad Stadium. But such naming rights are by no means a new thing; similar deals have been taking place for more than a century…

Thumbnail for the article 'A view from inside Adelaide’s Rundle Mall Plaza' by Michael Cooper
23 May 2018

A view from inside Adelaide’s Rundle Mall Plaza

By Michael Cooper

Managing Director, Caillin Howard met with BrandSA this month to discuss the latest developments on one of Hames Sharley’s most exciting current projects; Adelaide’s Rundle Mall Plaza.

Thumbnail for the article 'Mitigating the potential threats of Artificial Intelligence on our cities' by Jacinta Houzer
21 May 2018

Mitigating the potential threats of Artificial Intelligence on our cities

By Jacinta Houzer

It’s predicted that robots and Artificial Intelligence will play a large part in our lives by 2025, but as anyone who’s seen a Terminator movie knows, these are exactly the kinds of technology prone to misuse or mishap. Here we investigate a report highlighting the potential use of Artificial Intelligence for malicious means.

Thumbnail for the article 'Uber and above' by Jacinta Houzer
21 May 2018

Uber and above

By Jacinta Houzer

Ride-sharing service Uber could soon disrupt the transport sector again with a new project, Uber Elevate.

Thumbnail for the article 'Staging a comeback' by Jacinta Houzer
18 Apr 2018

Staging a comeback

By Jacinta Houzer

Building infrastructure for global events can make or break a city – so what’s the best strategy for using these structures once the show’s over?

Thumbnail for the article 'Are microtowns the new high streets?' by Jacinta Houzer
09 Mar 2018

Are microtowns the new high streets?

By Jacinta Houzer

They’re the traditional locations for shops, banks and other businesses, but high streets could be facing new disruption from an unexpected area.

Thumbnail for the article 'The world’s best-planned cities' by Jacinta Houzer
08 Mar 2018

The world’s best-planned cities

By Jacinta Houzer

With a recent article naming five cities that rank among the best-designed in the world, we look at what links these destinations, and what lessons others can learn from them.