Thumbnail for the article 'The Constructs of Colour Selection – An Interior Designer's Perspective' by Jacinta Houzer with Charlotte Kennedy and Giordana Vizzari
09 Mar 2018

The Constructs of Colour Selection – An Interior Designer's Perspective

By Jacinta Houzer with Charlotte Kennedy and Giordana Vizzari

We are often oblivious to the many factors which are involved in creating successful internal spaces. Particularly in terms of the colour palette specified. Interior Designers have many influences, both obvious and complex, which play a key role when deciding on colour.

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08 Mar 2018

Un-forgetting Female Architects

By Jacinta Houzer

In the last decade, roughly 40 per cent of all architecture graduates have been women – but when it comes to representation in the industry, there’s still a gender bias towards men.

Thumbnail for the article '12 Australian Women in Architecture You Should Know About' by Jacinta Houzer
07 Mar 2018

12 Australian Women in Architecture You Should Know About

By Jacinta Houzer

They’ve been influential in the history of Australian architecture but chances are you don’t know their names. We look at twelve women whose work has made a difference to the way our country was built.

Thumbnail for the article 'Pup-ular Architecture' by Jacinta Houzer
16 Feb 2018

Pup-ular Architecture

By Jacinta Houzer

It’s Chinese New Year, and 2018 is the year of the dog. To recognise the focus on man’s best friend, we’ve delved into the weird wide web to bring you designs from leading architects, made especially for dogs.

Thumbnail for the article 'World Cancer Day' by Jacinta Houzer
04 Feb 2018

World Cancer Day

By Jacinta Houzer

Whether collectively or individually – everyone can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer.

Thumbnail for the article 'A Bright Future Ahead...' by Jacinta Houzer
15 Jan 2018

A Bright Future Ahead...

By Jacinta Houzer

The Pantone colour of 2018 is here, and it’s not what you’d expect. Welcome Ultra Violet.

Thumbnail for the article ' Dear Santa…' by Jacinta Houzer
08 Dec 2017

Dear Santa…

By Jacinta Houzer

Christmas is just around the corner and we are all left scratching our heads wondering what presents to buy. Here’s a guide to a handful of options for the creatives in your life…

Thumbnail for the article 'The evolution of activity-based workplaces' by Ben Hurley
25 Nov 2017

The evolution of activity-based workplaces

By Ben Hurley

Activity-based working has revolutionised the open-plan office, but the pressure is on to keep up innovation and deliver on the promises of flexibility and freedom at work.