Thumbnail for the article 'The Café Phalanstère' by Iain Stewart
12 Apr 2018

The Café Phalanstère

By Iain Stewart

An essay about creativity, architecture, cultural innovation and coffee.

Thumbnail for the article 'Fad or Future? The Worth of Amazon Go' by Caillin Howard
26 Mar 2018

Fad or Future? The Worth of Amazon Go

By Caillin Howard

In light of the interest around America’s new Amazon Go store since its opening late last year, we consider what this could mean for the future of the retail experience…

Thumbnail for the article 'Buying Power' by Jacinta Houzer
09 Mar 2018

Buying Power

By Jacinta Houzer

How department stores played a vital role in the empowerment of women.

Thumbnail for the article 'Brick-and-Mortar Retail Isn’t Dead' by Paul Drechsler
16 Jan 2018

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Isn’t Dead

By Paul Drechsler

In light of an online retail giant’s decision to open physical stores, Former Managing Director of Hames Sharley, Paul Drechsler looks to the past to discuss the new direction of the retail revolution.

Thumbnail for the article 'Disrupting the retail hierarchy – It’s always been about the people…' by Rachel Seal
26 Nov 2017

Disrupting the retail hierarchy – It’s always been about the people…

By Rachel Seal

During the mid 20th century Australian shopping centres were developed within a retail hierarchy that was based on modern suburban family life. Today people live in apartments in the city and inner urban areas and seek their daily needs and convenience goods and services in the city.

Thumbnail for the article 'A Future Family Day at their Local Shopping Destination' by Michael Cooper
25 Oct 2017

A Future Family Day at their Local Shopping Destination

By Michael Cooper

At Hames Sharley we like to invest in the latest technology, which allows us to provide a better service for our clients and partners. In recent years we’ve found great benefits in using 3D printers and virtual reality hardware, but it’s our investment in a time machine that’s really allowed us to experience what life is like for communities in the future.

Here we follow the Mancio family as they set out for a day at their local shopping centre…

Thumbnail for the article 'Six advantages of VR' by Michael Cooper
26 Sep 2017

Six advantages of VR

By Michael Cooper

Hames Sharley has known for some time that VR technology would become a real game-changer within our sector, but since we initially invested in the hardware we’ve been surprised by some of the advantages that augmented reality can offer our designers and clients.

Thumbnail for the article ' Would you bring your mom here..? Part 2' by David McCarroll
08 Sep 2017

Would you bring your mom here..? Part 2

By David McCarroll

​In the concluding part of his essay, David McCarroll looks at some of the reasons that consumers make their choices and why this will always keep the retail centre relevant.