Thumbnail for the article 'When design comes naturally' by Peter Schwerzel
13 Apr 2018

When design comes naturally

By Peter Schwerzel

Architects and designers can learn a lot from Mother Nature – Peter Schwerzel looks at biomimetics and how taking cues from the world around us can produce outstanding results.

Thumbnail for the article 'The shape of Things to come' by Jacinta Houzer with Michael Cooper
07 Dec 2017

The shape of Things to come

By Jacinta Houzer with Michael Cooper

By connecting devices to the internet – and to each other – The Internet of Things has the potential to revolutionise the way we live and do business. And the architecture industry is no exception.

Thumbnail for the article 'Trade Runner' by Pete Kempshall
14 Nov 2017

Trade Runner

By Pete Kempshall

For some people it’s a dream, for others a nightmare – the vision of a future in which you won’t have to work because a robot will exist that can do the job for you…

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14 Nov 2017

Artificial constructs

In the 21st century, automation is a fact of life, with robots having a metallic hand in the production of everything from cars to toys, but when it comes to the construction industry, the automated workforce is conspicuous by its absence. In a recent address to Consult Australia, Valentina Sansbury asked why construction has been so slow to build on automated assistance, and offered a vision of how robotics can be an asset to increase productivity within the industry.

Thumbnail for the article 'Do you accept cheques, mate?' by Michael Cooper
24 Oct 2017

Do you accept cheques, mate?

By Michael Cooper

This month we discovered the ultimate gift for architecture and chess aficionados - who may also want to invest in what looks like becoming a best selling board game.

Thumbnail for the article 'Babina’s Architectural Animals' by Michael Cooper
23 Oct 2017

Babina’s Architectural Animals

By Michael Cooper

To mark this month’s World Animal Day, we point you in the direction of some of Federico Babina’s digital artistry that reimagines animals as icons of architecture.

Thumbnail for the article 'Cities Taking Great Strides Towards Walkability' by Vanessa McDaid
16 Oct 2017

Cities Taking Great Strides Towards Walkability

By Vanessa McDaid

Walkable cities are, quite simply, better for everyone.

Walking requires low technology, it is cheap, and it combines flexibly with other modes of transport, at the same time resolving acute environmental, economic and social issues in cities.

Thumbnail for the article 'Colouring your judgment' by Pete Kempshall
12 Jul 2017

Colouring your judgment

By Pete Kempshall

According to colour psychologists, green has the ability to put us at ease, and not just for its natural connotations…