20 Mar 2017

From the ‘Food Court’ to the ‘Foodie and Fun’ Café Court

By Vanessa McDaid

We are a nation obsessed with food. We’re also getting more particular about it. We talk about whether it’s organic or home-grown, whether it’s slow cooked or triple smoked, whether it was inspired by Jamie or Bill. That’s right, Oliver and Grainger. We’re on a first name basis these days. What does this mean for the food court?

14 Feb 2017

The question of ethics in architecture

By Lauren Bobrige

In a recent article from Owen Hopkins, at the Architectural Review he asks why is ethics such an important issue for architects?

Reflecting on the Architecture and Freedom season at the Royal Academy, which tackled the question of architectural ethics head on, Hopkins discusses why ethics has become such an important and recurring issue for architects.

09 Dec 2016

How a ‘happy index’ could increase a city’s joy

We’ve heard of smart cities, but what about happy cities? Bristol’s Happy City Initiative – one of the world’s most renowned wellbeing research centres – is attempting to measure the city’s happiness in order to increase it.

18 Oct 2016

The most iconic architectural cities in the world

We’ve spoken to our architects and designers, searched our favourite blogs, and scrutinised the digital landscape, for a definitive list of the most iconic architectural cities in the world.

13 Sep 2016

Finding a sense of place in a disconnected world

By Kate Fuller with Jess Hames

While business deals were once struck on the promise of a handshake, the introduction of email and project management technology has meant that even a phone call to a client or business associate is a rarity these days.

So how do businesses looking to stay ahead in this technology-savvy, hyper-connected, yet physically disconnected world, still provide good old fashioned service?

27 Jul 2016

Designing collaboration

By Brigid Salter

Creating a team environment where every stakeholder is able to contribute the maximum value to a project is no easy task.

14 Jun 2016

Building a sustainable future

By Jack Belfer

In a move toward the future, Hames Sharley announced two new appointments this month, which will bring world class leadership in innovation and sustainability to its expanding Adelaide and Sydney studios.

21 Apr 2016

The architects of remembrance

By Lauren Bobrige

War memorials are an essential part of the Australian landscape – their beauty, symbolism and the quality of materials and craftsmanship illustrates the respect communities have towards those who have paid the ultimate price. To mark the ANZAC day commemorations this month, we look at the story behind three examples from around the country.