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We are proud today to announce a series of promotions, highlighting Hames Sharley’s nation-wide stronghold of emerging and established leaders.

Managing Director Caillin Howard said that the latest round of promotions highlighted the innovative thinking that’s a clear trademark trait of our people across various disciplines and locations.

“In 2023, approximately 15% of our people were recognised – so many team members are working hard across the country to personify our brand and make a real difference.

“The Hames Sharley brand is all about enabling positive change – creating a wave of difference that supports people for generations. Our opportunity to make an impact is bigger than the individual.

“Investing in our people is critical to our success, and so processes such as these are a prime opportunity for us to invest in their futures and recognise the value that they bring to Hames Sharley, our clients and our industry.

“Moments like these are essential to our strategy and reaffirm our focus on being a future-thinking creative practice.”


Janine Graves

Janine is a leader with great empathy, and a proficient driver and juggler of projects. She creates a sense of comfort in all staff; they seek her out, confide in her and gain a great deal of appreciation for their roles and the profession from her. Janine consistently creates opportunities to empower staff further with support and motivation. Her expertise in secure environments has led her to being made 2IC in the Office & Industrial portfolio

With a proven ability to be able to contribute to business development both locally and interstate, Janine has jumped into assisting the strategic expansion of Hames Sharley with enthusiasm and rigour. She often contributes to meaningful networking/panel speaking opportunities and fosters relationships outside of Hames Sharley that continue to challenge, grow, and inspire the Hames Sharley collective.

Associate Directors

Nicholas Temov

Nic is a hardworking and highly collaborative team member. He is very process-driven and strives to improve not only himself and his own performance, but the performance and growth of those around him by sharing knowledge and ideas.

Nic ‘walks the talk’, participating in many professional and community-based activities. In 2019 he was Awarded Planner of the Year, helping to raise awareness of UD and planning capabilities within Hames Sharley. Nic also coordinates walking tours, PIA & local government workshops at Hames Sharley and recently was appointed as a new member of the State Design Review Panel in WA.

Nic is an active contributor to the Urban Development Thought Leadership Group (TLG) meetings, thinking outside the box and always ready to assist and contribute. He is actively involved in innovative ways of presenting and communicating with stakeholders and the community. Nic goes above and beyond in his care for other staff members, whether it be mentoring, coaching or lending a friendly ear, and he brings out the best in those he interacts with.

Andrew Tang-Smith

Andrew is an advocate and promoter of the Hames Sharley design methodology. He has a strong conceptual design mind and is an exceptional presenter to clients, collaborators and our internal team. Andrew takes a selfless approach to leadership and commitment to the business; he is focused on building strong relationships with his clients and collaborators and is driven by achieving design excellence.

Andrew is regularly sought out by less experienced members of our team for mentoring and career guidance, a role that he approaches with a high level of thought, patience and understanding. He is an active member of the NDF and an advocate for continuing to improve and refine our refine methodology. He continues to push the boundaries of design for Hames Sharley using all tools, skills and software available. He is inclusive and respectful to all he works with.

Senior Associates

Alex Quin

As co-chair of the Reconciliation Action Plan Committee, Alex has been a tireless champion and used his personal connections to help better educate and enlighten the Hames Sharley cohort on the issues surrounding Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples. His addition to the NT Studio has been a great windfall and one that has contributed greatly to their cultural evolution and success.

Alex shares his insights and experience generously as an informal mentor within the national practice, and is a fantastic ear and support for the growing team in Darwin. He is a phenomenal brand advocate that provides a genuine and compassionate link to the community-centred work we do.

Grace Stokes

Grace’s tenacity and clear vision enable our team of professionals to focus on what they do best. Grace has mentored those around her to create the diligent and forward-thinking systems team we know today. Grace is a strategic thinker and who dedicates herself to knowledge of market forces and uses this insight to guide Hames Sharley towards innovative solutions.

Grace thinks of Hames Sharley as a national practice first and foremost and is constantly looking at ways to provide greater value to the practice as a whole, pivoting her focus to the areas of Hames Sharley’s greatest need. Grace is on the front-foot when it comes to promoting Hames Sharley and is a fierce advocate for positive future-focused change in order to keep the organisation competitive in the market and with prospective employees.

Spencer Tuffnell

Spencer’s mentoring and guidance have seen the team around him grow in skills and experience. Encouraging learning and development in his team has been role modelled by his own effort to upskill and develop and refine his leadership and business capabilities.

Through fostering this growth of his team Spencer has freed up his time to achieve significant project delivery outcomes for Hames Sharley. Spencer‘s collaborative and customer service-focused approach means he is leading Hames Sharley in systems-based solutions. Spencer’s passion for the brand and company vision are unrelenting. He lives and breathes the Hames Sharley values and exemplifies them daily.

Hannah Williams

Hannah became Chair of Champions for Change in 2021 and led the CFC committee in their recommendations to implement industry-leading leave policies, progression towards gender targets and changes to parental leave to better address the needs of working fathers. Within the industry, Hannah was a recent Property Council’s 500 Women in Property sponsor with two mentees and also recently spoke at the WIDAC panel event on ‘Overcoming Imposter Syndrome’.

Hannah has provided her expertise to grow the skills of the People & Culture team, and she has offered all levels of Hames Sharley leadership with support and coaching in people-related matters. She has a courageous approach to new challenges and takes ownership of issues to ensure the continuous improvement that has brought significant change to our culture and operations for the benefit of our Hames Sharley community.

Liesel Perks

Liesel goes above and beyond each day at Hames Sharley – nothing is too big or too small for this problem-solver who is also incredibly kind and generous with her time. Liesel is proactive and optimises Hames Sharley processes through creation or enhancement of more effective or efficient approaches.

As an Urban Designer, Liesel has a knack for producing high-quality work and communicating visually. She lifts others with a collaborative approach, enhancing their ideas and being a go-to person for help and support. Liesel consistently demonstrates the highest level of Hames Sharley values and enables our Victorian studio to flourish each day.

Jeevan Krishnan

Jeevan’s multidisciplinary approach to projects inspires the team through achieving buy-in to the greater vision. He is business-minded and shows commitment to each project achieving their goals of quality, profit, program, and productivity. He is an excellent role model for project leadership at Hames Sharley and has been relied upon many times to jump onto a project at any stage to help resolve issues and bring the project back on track.

Jeevan represents Hames Sharley very well in his interactions with clients and consultants. He has particular strengths in design development, documentation and on site where he is very well-respected by contractors. Jeevan is a respected mentor who is actively sought out for his advice and guidance. He has given a lot of time and patience to others and is often mentioned in a positive manner by graduates as someone they look up to.

Prasad Nimma

Prasad is a go-to colleague in the Perth Studio, where his project leadership demonstrates not only clear communication and achievement of deliverables, but also fosters an environment of learning and growth among the team. His trustworthy and reliable nature gives him a natural aptitude towards training and development of more junior staff.

As a member of the National Revit working group, Prasad contributes to developing and implementing Revit protocols and standards for the benefit of the practice. He has worked closely with the BIM team to develop training and templates/outputs. Through this work, Prasad demonstrates his passion to see Hames Sharley achieve the highest quality DD and documentation outputs possible and explore better and more efficient ways of working.

Niall Browne

Niall consistently acts in the best interests of Hames Sharley. He contributes nationally with his skills of getting to the heart of the problem very quickly and acts with honesty and integrity in communications. He is adept at communicating his thinking verbally and via drawings while sharing his knowledge with others to collaborate towards meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Niall has developed his skills throughout his seven years with Hames Sharley, and is an accomplished analytical thinker able to distil a design approach that can quickly be shared, evaluated & absorbed by the wider project team.

Rebecca Spencer

Rebecca performs various roles as a Strategic Planner and as a 2IC in the Urban Development team, including project manager/leader, providing analytical and research inputs, community and stakeholder engagement, research to inform urban design and planning, plus many written and verbal presentations. She is well respected by clients and subconsultants as well as her peers and continues to share her experience and insights through the Mentor program as well as informally. She has a strong work ethic and continues to provide valuable guidance to the leadership team.

Rebecca has demonstrated her dedication and commitment to Hames Sharley through the Champions for Change committee, Retail & Town Centres and Urban Development TLGs, in which she is an active contributor to discussions, drawing on the latest research articles, reports or influencing external factors to provide an informed perspective. She respectfully presents her opinion and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. In 2022 she presented on both the Women in Design and Construction (WIDAC) and Women in Planning Network (WPN) panels promoting Hames Sharley’s forward-thinking Parental Leave policy, sparking great interest and in-depth conversations.

Tae Kang

Tae stands out for his diligent work as a Senior Architect and his excellent relationships with clients, consultants, staff, and builders. Tae maintains Hames Sharley processes and manages financial objectives on projects. Tae’s client and colleague feedback is incredibly strong, and he also contributes nationally by working with the Retail & Town Centres TLG and across several studios.

One of his key strengths is how he works with the BIM Bureau. He has consistently been seen as a national exemplar for process planning, resourcing, and financial management of working with the BIM Bureau in delivering on projects. Tae embodies the company values by exemplifying passion for Revit documentation efficiencies, collaboration with staff, insight into setting up projects, effective communication, and trustworthiness.

Katherine Grez

Katherine has been with Hames Sharley for eight years and has consistently contributed at a higher level than anticipated, going beyond her defined duties and responsibilities for the benefit of the practice. Katherine’s leadership and commitment to the company have been demonstrated in her willingness to take on greater levels of responsibility, including her recent acceptance of the role of BIM Bureau 2IC. She actively contributes to the ongoing growth and development of staff and is someone people turn to for advice.

Katherine has been a key driver in implementing a national model health check audit, contributing to the practice’s ability to deliver projects on time. Additionally, she actively participates in Hames Sharley’s Sport and Recreation and Residential TLGs, and champions interstate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentoring.


Hannah Fredriksson

Hannah successfully navigated a period of intense disruption for the Brand and Communications team. She embodies Hames Sharley’s values of imagination, collaboration, and communication, and has made substantial contributions to Hames Sharley’s national marketing strategy and Reconciliation Action Plan working group.

As a highly knowledgeable and skilled individual, Hannah promotes Hames Sharley’s brand with her optimistic, enthusiastic, and humble approach. Hannah has also been working tirelessly at making the Brand and Communications team accessible to new members, through capturing knowledge and internal process. Hannah is an exemplary employee whose contributions to the company go beyond her role, to promote the practice in both her actions and attitude.

Jack Lin

Jack has been with the company for five years as a member of the BIM Bureau, with formal training in Building Technology. He was elevated to Senior Architectural Technician in 2022 due to his exemplary quality documentation, incredible work ethic, and rapid growth of construction knowledge. A member of the Office & Industrial TLG, Jack champions interstate collaboration, knowledge sharing and mentoring.

Jack performs at the level of an Associate due to his exceptional leadership qualities, knowledge-sharing, and supportive attitude towards his team members. He is also involved in refining processes, developing Revit Templates, and setting up project plans with a view to improving Hames Sharley as a whole. Jack is consistently sought out for advice on Revit as well as construction detailing, and always makes time to provide guidance to others.

Denise Harper

Denise has shown the ability to lead and manage complex projects, mentor staff and develop more efficient approaches. She has also introduced initiatives and collaborated with local and national HS team members and external consultants. She has a demonstrated ability to efficiently run projects and extend beyond her local studio.

Denise embodies Hames Sharley’s values, including imagination, passion, collaboration, sustainability, communication and trust. She mentors and trains other staff, while maintaining her commitment to creating better outcomes and assisting Hames Sharley in keeping a high regard with clients.

Paige Corley

Paige efficiently manages studio administration, invoicing, financial follow-up, and staff administration. Her initiatives contribute to better systems and processes in studio administration. Paige is also part of the Studio Administration TLG and has successfully assisted all studios with client management, debtors, bookings, flights, and phone management.

Paige’s accomplishments include maintaining efficient and highly organised studios, receiving strong feedback from her clients and colleagues, enhancing Hames Sharley’s brand, and ensuring continuity and sustainability by capturing her initiatives in the studio host manuals and inducting incoming staff. Paige embodies the company values and is an excellent representation of the Hames Sharley brand at client functions and networking events.

Dion Wee

Dion’s graphic and technical skills have been acknowledged as assets, along with his aptitude for video editing, technical production, and strategic thinking related to marketing. His research skills and his ability to advocate for himself and others are appreciated, as well as his gentle yet firm negotiating style. Dion represents Hames Sharley through networking events and is an active organiser of external event participation.

Dion’s accomplishments include his ability to remain calm under pressure and his contributions to improving templates and systems, increasing overall efficiency. He has created automated InDesign templates, improved Miro Board engagement templates and used his skills in video creation. He has actively contributed to sensory research and marketing activities. His skills have been passed on through training and mentoring others in the studio, especially in graphics.

Alex MacDonald

Alex is an excellent designer with a high level of maturity, great design sensibility, and a passion for learning. She has demonstrated her ability to synthesise complex information and break it down into manageable chunks, making her an invaluable sounding board for team members. She is one who will take it on herself to learn a new skill and then teach others. Her reach is not limited to the VIC studio as she has made an impact and provides guidance to all those she works with nationally. Alex has received personalised praise from clients and has a sensitivity for ensuring project deliverables align with fees, making her an excellent communicator and manager.

Alex brilliantly embodies the company’s values, with a passion for collaboration, communication, and trust. She is an excellent problem-solver who is passionate about sustainability and educating both clients and colleagues on making a positive social impact. Alex has garnered respect from both clients and industry product reps, making her an excellent ambassador for Hames Sharley. She is also committed to ensuring that her knowledge and skills are passed on to the broader team, contributing to continuity and sustainability within the organisation.

Ben Fetherstonhaugh

Since joining Hames Sharley, Ben has been heavily involved in the One Subiaco project, demonstrating his organisational, project management, and design skills. He is an active member of the Workplace TLG and promotes the brand at industry events. Ben is a trustworthy, reliable, and professional team member who represents Hames Sharley well with his interactions with clients and colleagues.

Ben has demonstrated his ability for promotion through his high level of organisational abilities, strong interest in business development and growing his network of contacts, and his strong project management skills. He understands the importance of projects meeting their productivity, program, and profit goals while also possessing a strong design capability and understanding of construction documentation and buildability issues. Ben is well-respected by his colleagues and is sought out by younger staff for guidance on project and career development.

Jessica Green

Jess has made national contributions to Hames Sharley, and is highly respected by clients and peers. She is an active contributor in the Workplace TLG and contributor to the Education, Science & Research Portfolio. She has built up strong knowledge in Libraries, with particular praise from Curtin University for her design and colour palette choices.

Jess embodies the values of good design and has a collaborative approach, making her a credit to Hames Sharley and promoting the firm in the public sphere. She is generous with her time in mentoring staff and sharing knowledge within Hames Sharley where she has taken on an interiors leadership role, and externally through tutoring at Curtin University.

Mark Claydon

Mark has been with the architectural team at WA Studio since joining as an Architectural Student in late-2014. He was promoted to Senior Architect in mid-2020 after successfully delivering the NEXTDC P2 project. Although Mark left Hames Sharley for a year to work as a Project Manager at FMG, he returned due to his loyalty and value to the company. His promotion to Associate is a recognition of his skills and contribution to the company demonstrated since his return.

Mark embodies Hames Sharley’s behaviours, is a valued contributor to all projects, and promotes the company externally. He communicates Hames Sharley’s value with ease and is comfortable in business development environments. Mark’s former involvement in the PCA’s Future Directions committee and his contributions to refining processes and templates in the Office & Industrial TLG reflect his thought leadership. Mark is active in mentoring staff on architectural processes and construction knowledge. He is actively sought out by colleagues as a trustworthy, reliable and professional individual.

Gaye McKean

Gaye is currently a Project Leader, specialising in contract administration and with a background in interior design and office administration. She works primarily in the Health and Education, Science & Research Portfolios, as well as on Defence projects, and is highly respected by clients and peers for her knowledge, professionalism, and commitment. An active member of the ESR TLG, Gaye has received particular praise for her work on the GMP Laboratory and Cyclotron project and on the Balga Senior High School Laboratory refurbishment.

Gaye’s contributions to improving Hames Sharley include initiating and running regular workshops for the Interior Design team, assisting them in understanding better detailing and appropriate selections of furniture and finishes for health projects. She has a strong focus on consistency and quality of delivered product through improved training, supervision, and systems development. Gaye is exceptionally loyal to Hames Sharley, serving as an ambassador in all her external dealings.

Greg Markham

Greg is an experienced registered architect specialising in contract administration. He has made significant contributions to the practice, including mentoring staff, authoring papers on construction topics, and embodying the company’s values. Greg is a ‘quiet achiever’ who constantly impresses builders, consultants and clients with his dedication to quality outcomes through following Hames Sharley processes.

Greg has a collaborative attitude and willingness to explore all options in pursuit of solutions. Greg’s construction knowledge and positive attitude to solving problems enhances Hames Sharley’s reputation and credibility in the all-important delivery stage of a project.

Emily Arnolda

Emily champions Hames Sharley’s interdisciplinary design approach by working in both Architecture and Urban Development, and through her immensely collaborative working style. She excels in presenting project concepts to clients and promoting the Hames Sharley brand in social settings.

Emily is an integral part of the team, taking a lead role in projects, with experience in retail, residential, and urban development/master planning. She is actively involved in mentoring her colleagues and is seen as a role model to those around her.

Chris White

Chris champions Hames Sharley and creates strong relationships with health clients, from whom we receive excellent feedback. Chris is an active member of the Health TLG and has taken responsibility for sorting the health-specific documentation processes in collaboration with our Queensland Studio and TIPD team.

Internally he is a very positive project leader with large amounts of patience for on-the-job training of graduates. His construction and detailing knowledge is excellent and he has an inherent understanding of the risks of this industry, actively taking responsibility for minimising these within his sphere of influence.