Read the article Bigger Adelaide, Better Lifestyles from Hames Sharley
12 Dec 2017

Bigger Adelaide, Better Lifestyles

By Andrew Russell

Hames Sharley has been a proud contributor to Deloitte’s recent ‘Make it a plan Adelaide’ report released last week. We share their view that a key strategy in transforming and growing South Australia’s economy is to grow its population.

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10 Dec 2017

Drones to take on choppers?

By Michael Cooper

Each year, 15 billion trees are chopped down. The rate at which they are felled currently makes it difficult to keep up with replenishing them. Fortunately, drones are now available to help...

Read the article The Legacy of World Expos: What’s Left After the Fair? from Hames Sharley
12 Oct 2017

The Legacy of World Expos: What’s Left After the Fair?

By Vanessa McDaid

Hosting a major world event is in many ways seen as a coming of age for host countries. Seen as a way of putting a city on the map, World Expo organisers attempt to showcase their city to the world in an extravaganza of cutting edge technology, sustainability, design and architecture. But what happens when the fair leaves town?

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12 Sep 2017

Countering the counter-measures

By Pete Kempshall

When unsightly concrete blocks were placed on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney, intended to provide security against terror attacks, the public outcry was vociferous and immediate. But never mind the bollards, because safety measures shouldn’t have to spoil the streetscape…

Read the article Retrofitting, Refurbishing and Repositioning: How Older Buildings Can Become Relevant Again from Hames Sharley
23 Aug 2017

Retrofitting, Refurbishing and Repositioning: How Older Buildings Can Become Relevant Again

By Darren Bilsborough

All buildings age and what was once an A grade building is eventually downgraded until its inevitable slide into obsolescence. That is unless it is retrofitted, refurbished and repositioned back to its former glory - and that’s where Building Upgrade Finance comes in…

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12 Jul 2017

What makes a BiodiverCity?

By Michael Cooper

Each of the most biodiverse countries around the globe shares a common trait – rapid urbanisation. In a recent piece The Guardian have attempted calculate which city is the world’s most biodiverse and found some interesting results…

Read the article Breathing space from Hames Sharley
12 Jul 2017

Breathing space

By Matt Seddon

Creating ‘buildings that breathe’ is an ideal for designing in the subtropics – but it’s also a worthwhile goal in any climate.

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26 Jun 2017

More than just vegeburgers…

By Pete Kempshall

While some parts of the scientific community are looking at using cultured meat to solve a potential world food crisis, others have decided that the way to ensure the world has all the protein it needs is by cutting out the middle… er, animal.