Thumbnail for the article 'Are microtowns the new high streets?' by Jacinta Houzer
09 Mar 2018

Are microtowns the new high streets?

By Jacinta Houzer

They’re the traditional locations for shops, banks and other businesses, but high streets could be facing new disruption from an unexpected area.

Thumbnail for the article 'The world’s best-planned cities' by Jacinta Houzer
08 Mar 2018

The world’s best-planned cities

By Jacinta Houzer

With a recent article naming five cities that rank among the best-designed in the world, we look at what links these destinations, and what lessons others can learn from them.

Thumbnail for the article 'Digital Era Calls for New Style of Placemaking' by Jacinta Houzer with Rachel Seal
19 Feb 2018

Digital Era Calls for New Style of Placemaking

By Jacinta Houzer with Rachel Seal

Today, people are increasingly communicating online rather than face-to-face, replacing social spaces with social networks. So, what does this mean for physical communities? Are they diminishing in value?

Thumbnail for the article 'A (very brief) History of Cities' by Jacinta Houzer
16 Feb 2018

A (very brief) History of Cities

By Jacinta Houzer

Cities are centres of population, commerce and culture, yet it is not widely known how this way of life came about. Looking to the past, however, enables us not only to decipher how cities came to be, but also how they are defined and what they mean for the future of our societies.

Thumbnail for the article 'Melbourne and Sydney battle it out to become Australia’s first megacity' by Vanessa McDaid
02 Feb 2018

Melbourne and Sydney battle it out to become Australia’s first megacity

By Vanessa McDaid

Melbourne and Sydney, two great Australian rivals. They’ve been at it since the first stone was laid.

Now there is a new race in play – to become Australia’s first megacity.

Thumbnail for the article 'Powering along the road' by Jacinta Houzer
15 Jan 2018

Powering along the road

By Jacinta Houzer

A new solar highway in China will allow electric cars to recharge while on the move.

Thumbnail for the article 'Bigger Adelaide, Better Lifestyles' by Andrew Russell
12 Dec 2017

Bigger Adelaide, Better Lifestyles

By Andrew Russell

Hames Sharley has been a proud contributor to Deloitte’s recent ‘Make it a plan Adelaide’ report. We share their view that a key strategy in transforming and growing South Australia’s economy is to grow its population.

Thumbnail for the article 'Drones to take on choppers?' by Michael Cooper
10 Dec 2017

Drones to take on choppers?

By Michael Cooper

Each year, 15 billion trees are chopped down. The rate at which they are felled currently makes it difficult to keep up with replenishing them. Fortunately, drones are now available to help…