Thumbnail for the article 'Byron’s new railway a shining example' by Jacinta Houzer
15 Jan 2018

Byron’s new railway a shining example

By Jacinta Houzer

The town of Byron Bay has launched Australia’s first entirely solar-powered train, turning a heritage engine that has sat idle for the past 25 years into an important transport solution for the area.

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05 Dec 2017

Arty Facts

By Michael Cooper

No matter the size of the project, over the past twelve months we have applied the same set of guidelines in our approach to designing buildings and spaces in the public & culture sector. Here we present our 12 key considerations when designing for museums and galleries.

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12 Nov 2017

Designing Communities That Flourish

By Vanessa McDaid

Hames Sharley’s Associate, Shannon O’Shea, and Manager Planning for WA, Malcolm Somers, explain why their disciplines play a key role in the resurgence of urban neighbourhoods.

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12 Sep 2017

Postal survey

By Pete Kempshall

Andrew Choate’s Instagram page is a celebration of bollards that features dozens of examples from the very basic to the impossibly ornate. Check them out – the account already has 49,000 followers.

Thumbnail for the article 'Function and form in protecting buildings from earthquakes' by Michael Cooper
12 Sep 2017

Function and form in protecting buildings from earthquakes

By Michael Cooper

As Mexico recovers from the devastating effects of its recent earthquake, The Malay Mail has reported on a Japanese innovation that looks to add protective functionality to buildings while introducing an aesthetically pleasing, sleek design motif.

Thumbnail for the article 'Urban growth creates a perfect storm for flooding' by Michael Cooper
12 Sep 2017

Urban growth creates a perfect storm for flooding

By Michael Cooper

Extreme weather conditions have made news headlines in the past month, with major hurricanes making landfall in large parts of America. As floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey receded, The New York Times reported that much of the damage to infrastructure could have been avoided.

Thumbnail for the article 'The Open House Phenomenon: Opening the Door on Architecture' by Vanessa McDaid
24 Jul 2017

The Open House Phenomenon: Opening the Door on Architecture

By Vanessa McDaid

Fancy an adventure exploring your city? Open House is an event in which buildings across a city throw open their doors to the public for one weekend each year, to enjoy the best architecture on offer.

Thumbnail for the article 'Wholly cow!?!' by Pete Kempshall
23 Jun 2017

Wholly cow!?!

By Pete Kempshall

Its composition is the same as the stuff you’d carve off cattle, but is the world ready to eat meat created entirely in a laboratory? And if we could all be persuaded to chow down on faux-flesh, what would the effect be on the environment, both natural and built?