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Read the article Trade Runner from Hames Sharley Architexture
14 Nov 2017

Trade Runner

By Pete Kempshall

For some people it’s a dream, for others a nightmare – the vision of a future in which you won’t have to work because a robot will exist that can do the job for you…

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14 Nov 2017

Artificial constructs

By Pete Kempshall with Valentina Sansbury

In the 21st century, automation is a fact of life, with robots having a metallic hand in the production of everything from cars to toys, but when it comes to the construction industry, the automated workforce is conspicuous by its absence. In a recent address to Consult Australia, Valentina Sansbury asked why construction has been so slow to build on automated assistance, and offered a vision of how robotics can be an asset to increase productivity within the industry.

Read the article Surf Life Saving Clubs – The True Spirit of Australia from Hames Sharley Work, Learn, Heal
12 Nov 2017

Surf Life Saving Clubs – The True Spirit of Australia

By Michael Cooper

We investigate why Surf Life Saving Clubs are surely among the greatest architectural symbols of Australian society.

Read the article Designing Communities That Flourish from Hames Sharley Place Creation
12 Nov 2017

Designing Communities That Flourish

By Vanessa McDaid with Shannon O'Shea & Malcolm Somers

Hames Sharley’s Associate, Shannon O’Shea, and Manager Planning for WA, Malcolm Somers, explain why their disciplines play a key role in the resurgence of urban neighbourhoods.

Read the article A Future Family Day at their Local Shopping Destination from Hames Sharley New Marketplace
25 Oct 2017

A Future Family Day at their Local Shopping Destination

By Michael Cooper

At Hames Sharley we like to invest in the latest technology, which allows us to provide a better service for our clients and partners. In recent years we’ve found great benefits in using 3D printers and virtual reality hardware, but it’s our investment in a time machine that’s really allowed us to experience what life is like for communities in the future.

Here we follow the Mancio family as they set out for a day at their local shopping centre…

Read the article Do you accept cheques, mate? from Hames Sharley Architexture
24 Oct 2017

Do you accept cheques, mate?

By Michael Cooper

This month we discovered the ultimate gift for architecture and chess aficionados - who may also want to invest in what looks like becoming a best selling board game.

Read the article Babina’s Architectural Animals from Hames Sharley Architexture
23 Oct 2017

Babina’s Architectural Animals

By Michael Cooper

To mark this month’s World Animal Day, we point you in the direction of some of Federico Babina’s digital artistry that reimagines animals as icons of architecture.

Read the article It’s a shore thing from Hames Sharley Work, Learn, Heal
21 Oct 2017

It’s a shore thing

By Michael Cooper

Approximately 85% of our population live within 50km of the ocean and our climate has facilitated a deeply embedded culture of life at the water’s edge. Therefore it is natural that our nation has become leaders in the field of waterfront urban design. But what are the factors that make a truly great waterfront? We present ten key considerations when for planning the perfect place at the water’s edge.