29 May 2017

The Location Equation

By Darren Bilborough

Why the daily commute should be a key factor in office decision making…

When selecting an office, after questioning size and cost the next biggest issue often relates to concerns around commuting.

21 May 2017

Face values

By Pete Kempshall

You can’t ever underestimate the value of face-to-face interaction. The benefits are many: you can bounce ideas off others, unlocking creativity that might not otherwise be accessed via email or text; you can gain more information when negotiating a deal; or you can simply gauge whether someone really likes that idea you floated. There’s just no substitute for being able to read someone’s body language.

20 May 2017

Mercedes-Benz Continues its Assault on Tesla’s Energy Storage Solutions

By Vanessa McDaid

Luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz has made its promised entry into the home energy storage market in the UK, taking on Tesla and its Powerwall, according to a recent article in Road Show.

19 May 2017

The power of attraction

By Darren Bilsborough

With certain employment areas suffering from a well-documented skills shortage, it’s more important than ever to attract and retain good staff. One of the key ways to do this – clearly – is to make your office as appealing a space as possible. But where do you start?

19 Apr 2017

Building Cultural Diversity Through the Language We Speak

By Vanessa McDaid

It is proven that cultural diversity adds to the bottom line. The benefits of cultural diversity are many: improved decision-making, increased collaboration, better problem-solving, enhanced well-being and knowledge sharing, to name a few. But what does it look like in a real workplace?

19 Apr 2017

You’ve got to laugh, right?

By Pete Kempshall

While there’s no denying that having a conversation with someone who spouts jargon at you can be irritating and frustrating, you can still make the best of it if you don’t take it seriously…

16 Mar 2017

Feel Good Shopping: How Retail Architecture and Interior Design can improve Wellness.

By Vanessa McDaid with Jane Sorby and Iain Stewart

When was the last time you went to a beautifully designed building and felt drawn to your surroundings in a way that made you feel better? Because the space spoke to you, ushered in relief, engaged your senses, enhanced within you a sense of… wellness? We investigate ‘The Architecture of Happiness’...

14 Feb 2017

New designs for aged care

By Sally Raphael

The old model for residential aged and dementia care comprised of a sombre, hospital style facility, a sterile environment scented of disinfectant, and lacking in vibrancy and inspiration.

The future, however, is looking different. Instead of taking cues from hospitals, architects and aged care providers are drawing inspiration from villages, farms and exclusive hotels.