16 Mar 2017

Feel Good Shopping: How Retail Architecture and Interior Design can improve Wellness.

By Vanessa McDaid with Jane Sorby and Iain Stewart

When was the last time you went to a beautifully designed building and felt drawn to your surroundings in a way that made you feel better? Because the space spoke to you, ushered in relief, engaged your senses, enhanced within you a sense of… wellness? We investigate ‘The Architecture of Happiness’...

14 Feb 2017

New designs for aged care

By Sally Raphael

The old model for residential aged and dementia care comprised of a sombre, hospital style facility, a sterile environment scented of disinfectant, and lacking in vibrancy and inspiration.

The future, however, is looking different. Instead of taking cues from hospitals, architects and aged care providers are drawing inspiration from villages, farms and exclusive hotels.

05 Jan 2017

The impossibility of not communicating

By Jack Belfer

Communication is an everyday life process. Everything we do is brimming with content that can be either verbal or non-verbal. However, due to the fact that communication is constant and usually humdrum, we often don’t stop and think about the implications, interactions, messages and the overall context of our exchange and the impact that has on others.

08 Dec 2016

Great gift ideas for the festive season (or any other!)

​It’s that time of year when we all scratch our collective heads over what to buy uncle Jim for Christmas. Look no further! We’ve asked around the studio and come up with ten ideas for the best stocking fillers to bring a smile to Jim’s face come Christmas morning…

21 Nov 2016

Bricks and mortar philanthropy the key to medical research funding

By Kate Fuller with Aldo Raadik

A report undertaken by Deloitte released in late October, by the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) has revealed that Australia is suffering a serious medical research “brain drain”.

19 Nov 2016

Trees are powerful tools when it comes to improving air quality

By Lauren Bobrige with Darren Bilsborough

Leafy trees are essentially the only cost-effective solution for addressing both deteriorating air quality and rising urban temperatures, a major new report by the Nature Conservancy, published in October 2016, has stated.

25 Aug 2016

Effective workplace design for a roaming workforce

By Yvonne Rantzen

Over the past decade we have witnessed a fundamental shift in the way work is conducted – facilitated by technology, the global workforce has become increasingly mobile, presenting a unique challenge for workplace designers.

24 Aug 2016

Inspired design for learning environments

By Sam Parsons

As a mother and Interior Designer Sam Parsons is fascinated by the relationship between pedagogy and learning environments and how the two come together for the best educational outcomes.